3-Day Love Challenge {we're talking about sex on the blog}

We’re gearing up for a holiday that many of you have a love-hate relationship with, particularly concerning the expectations that come along with it. With Valentine's Day around the corner, we need to clear the air about a few expectations that we should have when it comes to something that many people also have a love-hate relationship with: sex.


That’s right, we’re talking about sex on the @ToChooseJoy blog. {Awkward…Hi, Mom!}


We’re going straight to the Bible to talk about insecurity, God’s design, lies we believe, and conflict in marriage. We’re addressing objections like, “I’m a Mommy First,” “He’s not meeting my needs,” and “I can’t get my past out of my head.” We’ve got lots of helpful resources to link you up with, too!


To all of our sisters in the thick of this two-become-one thing and to those of you who aren’t married but would like some forward insight into God’s one-flesh design, grab a cup of coffee and prepare yourself to get up-close-and-personal from February 11th-13th at ToChooseJoy.com/biblestudies.

This is the 3-Day Love Challenge!


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