Role Playing {3-Day Love Challenge: Day 2}

We're just wrapped up Day 1: Leave the Lights On! 

We huddled close with our Bibles in hand and talked about:

  • some of the biggest barriers to a woman's desire to have sex,
  • one of the biggest threats to intimacy in marriage,
  • the importance of humility based on the model Jesus laid out for us,
  • and lots of great resources from incredible voices on love and marriage.

What have you thought of the 3-Day Love Challenge so far?

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Today, we're getting into some Role Playing!

  • What our response should be to 1 Corinthians 13,
  • How to change your husband,
  • Your job as a woman
  • Your job as a wife,
  • When being a mommy is taking over your marriage,
  • and more!

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Can't wait to have you along with us!