10 Questions to Ask on Valentine's Day

We've made it to the big day: that holiday that causes countless people to cringe.

Honestly, I really like Valentine's Day. I think it's pretty. I spent my life dreaming of the day when I would finally get to be married and have a forever Valentine...and, as it turned out, the man I married wasn't a fan of the holiday at all. He thought it was too commercial and laid out too many expectations for people that so easily lead to disappointment.

How about you...do you hate Valentine's Day? 

No matter how commercialized this holiday might be, though, it sure doesn't hurt us to have days marked out where we are reminded to love. You've heard the argument: "But we should be loving each other every day, so we don't need Hallmark to tell us how." You may even make that argument yourself.

But I'm going to give some push-back on that one. Because, frankly, many Christ-followers are not doing a very good or very consistent job of loving our neighbors from day-to-day. Maybe we ought to be called out by Hallmark. 

  • What gets your attention?
  • What moves your heart?
  • What is your motivation to go out of your way to love your neighbors?

"We love because He first loved us," (1 John 4:19).

It's true that it doesn't have to be symbolized by roses. But...what if you really, really like flowers? What if they help you to see a beautiful picture something far greater? What if tangible reminders keep your heart focused?

10 Questions to Ask on Valentine's Day_To Choose Joy_Becky Bennett

Let's keep our hearts in check when it comes to love. Love is a high calling--and it can be just plain hard to give sometimes. Based on passages like 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, 1 John 4:19, Ephesians 4:32, and others that we identified in the 3-Day Love Challenge, I've got a quick little love challenge right here for all of us. 

Whether you think this is just a day like any other or not, here are

10 Questions to Ask yourself on Valentine's Day:

  1. Can I love someone whether I feel loved by them or not?
  2. Am I thinking of someone else's interests before my own?
  3. Is there any insecurity in me that is keeping me from loving well?
  4. Am I keeping a list of the ways I've been wronged? Is there anyone I need to forgive?
  5. Do I make excuses and try to justify why I don't have to treat someone else well?
  6. Am I believing the best about people (especially specific people in my life)?
  7. How can I protect someone else in what I say and do?
  8. Am I being patient with people (especially specific people in my life)?
  9. Am I jealous of anyone? When do I find myself feeling jealous?
  10. Am I trying to be the Holy Spirit to someone else?
  11. How badly do I want to be like Jesus?

{These are all questions that we ask in the 3-Day Love Challenge. Find out how to apply what the Bible says about each of these questions when you get the whole Bible Study HERE}

I encourage you to find a close friend to go through these questions with. Try not to just answer "yes" or "no" but to think of the people in your life and how you can love them better. Let's pray through these questions together and ask God to help us to love the way He loves.

Every day--even on Valentine's Day. 

We're wrapping up the 3-Day Love Challenge Bible Study. It's been totally nerve-wracking and totally amazing. Listening to the stories of women finding hope and renewal in God's truth and grace. 

Thank you so much for your vulnerability and the things y'all have shared with us so far. {Am I allowed to say y'all even though I'm a northern girl? It just sounds so much more personal than my other options} 

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