A new and lovely addition

It's such an honor to get to welcome the beautiful Dezirae Moore to our To Choose Joy Team!

Dez is joining us as Graphic Design Director. Along with her pure selflessness, peaceful wisdom, and abundantly generous nature, Dez brings so many gifts to the table. She is an incredibly talented designer, creative, planner, organizer, and visionary. 

A little glimpse into the life of

Dezirae Moore

I love my husband, our kids and the unending adventure of raising a family.  I love shapes and colors and putting the two together.  With a background in graphic design, and a passion for encouraging creativity in others, I find joy in using my God-given talents to bring Him glory.  Be it through a design project or a simple conversation with a friend, I want to actively participate in the lives of those around me.  Also, I'll never turn down a good book or time spent near the water. 

I'm can't begin to express how thankful I am to have Dez on board. When I first got sick, we barely even knew each other, but she started coming to my house multiple times each week to help me with the kids, with housework, and with cooking. For an entire year, Dezirae faithfully continued to come over to help me. I'm completely humbled to know such a life-giving person. The friendship that rapidly grew between us makes my heart so happy. She's wise, she brings a sense of peace into every place she steps, and she comes up with the most amazing ideas! It's such a blessing to have her on the team!


Have you met the rest of our team yet?

These people are truly incredible. 

They are gifted, innovative, and they give so much to make To Choose Joy happen. 

Sean, our fantastically talented graphics guy, is my favorite husband. Don't tell the others. I like him so much I dedicated a whole page to his stunning soul. Not even kidding. Click here if you want to hear me gush a little more. He's a worshipper to the core and he's so gifted in drawing people into God's glorious presence through music. He puts in so much time (when he's already incredibly busy), to create beautiful images and videos to encourage and inspire all of us. I'm so thankful to be married to him.

Ashley, our social media guru, is my kindred spirit. My soul friend. She gets me like no one else in the world. From our very first conversation, we knew this would be a forever thing. Because we don't just share life. We share junk, too. She teaches me about beauty, love-without-limits, vulnerability, raw worship, growth, openness, and truth. She taps into the social media world in a way like I've never seen anyone do, and her heart is passionately driven towards pointing you to God's beautiful love and grace in ways that will soothe your soul, comfort your heart, and speak truth into you where you need it.

Katie, our content editor, is one of the hardest working people I've ever met. A mom and wife by day and a surgical intensive care unit nurse by night, she never stops. She gives me clarity. She's a beautiful friend who teaches me about humility, deeply rooted faith, forgiveness, honesty, grace, and trust. She always recommends the best books. They change my life every time. She's amazingly gifted in making sense of my crazy thoughts, understanding the hearts of people, and meeting needs where they need to be met most.


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