How to Get the Most Out of the Captive Cards

This week, as I've flipped through my own set of Captive Cards (over and over), one particular card has captured my gaze and my heart for longer than the rest.

To Choose Joy_Captive Cards_Psalm 51_Renew


I want God to change and refresh and recharge my heart--starting with my thoughts.

Right now, I need to think like Christ in my relationships. I often struggle with wondering how people are perceiving me and worrying that I've made people upset. I get terribly worried that I'm letting people down. I fret because I'm always sure I've said the wrong thing and that people will reject me because of it.

It's a selfish way of thinking, really, because it makes it really difficult for me to always assume the best about people. Frantic thoughts begin to run rampant through my mind. I forget that love for those people ought to be my first priority. Not my concern for their thoughts about me.

I want to live with Jesus' extravagant love. I want to be completely humble, graciously giving, totally unselfish, and consistently Him. "In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus," (Philippians‬ ‭2:17). I want to choose to fill my thoughts with His truth and to let Him renew my mind with His peace.

To Choose Joy_Captive Cards_Bible Study

How about you? Where do you need a shift in your thoughts?

Let the Captive Cards help you to attach something tangible to the things you pray! Let them be a constant and accessible reminder to focus on the truth!

From May 16-20, I'm leading a Captive: Worry Cleanse right here online, to help you get the most out of the Captive Cards. I would love for you to join me for this free 5-Day online Bible study so that we can begin wrapping our minds around what peace and freedoms can really look like.

Grab a set of Captive Cards at and come along for the free study!

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Have you been loving the Captive Cards?

We want to hear from you! Capture the moments and post your photos! Please be sure to tag @tochoosejoy right on the image, and mention the hashtags #tochoosejoy and #captivecards in your post!

We stare at our phones so often. What comes through on these tiny (and sometimes not-so-tiny) screens does so much to shape our thoughts. It shapes how we spend our days.

Have you ever had your mind consumed for hours by one text message? One news article? One email? One photo? What if we could strategically place reminders on our screens to help us turn back to the Truth in each of those situations? That's the model of our new Captive Cards:

  • We Take our thoughts captive. Right when we see that text.
  • We Replace them with the Truth. Right when that news article starts to scare us.
  • We Surrender them to Christ. Right when we start to overthink that email.
  • We Resolve to live differently. Right when that photo starts to whisper comparison in our ears.

You can download *free* lock screens for your phone that go along with the Captive Cards and help us to put this model into action every time we open our phones, at

To Choose Joy_Mothers Day_Captive Cards

I love getting into God's Word with my mom, and she's always one of the first people I call when I'm struggling with worry. She always points me back to the truth, shows me love, and prays me through it.

Mother's Day is right around the corner, and Captive Cards make great gifts! Maybe this can be the next great step that you and your mom take together in your faith!