Come Along for Everyday Peace

It’s easy to get stuck feeling like we have to manufacture peace. Like we have to figure out how to create it and maintain it. But really, through Jesus, we already have what we need for a life of peace.

That's why I'd love to have you come along with me for a Bible study online in September. It would be such a joy to get to walk with you through a fabulous resource: Katie Orr's Everyday Peace. We can reach toward God's heart together, and encourage one another along the way. 

My lovely friend Katie Orr is the creator of the Focused15 series. She has been a key player in my journey to lay down the lists of "I can do this on my own." Katie's FOCUSed method helps to draw weary souls into the authentic love of Christ. Katie has a gift of making Spiritual truths and disciplines and digging into God's Word both accessible and attainable. 

I sure love anything that reminds me how to cling to God's perfect peace. Katie Orr's Everyday Peace has helped me to pick up tools that were already RIGHT in front of me and to live in them in my every day. And I'm telling you--I've been walking some rocky roads, and this peace I'm learning about here--this peace from Christ that Katie Orr talks about--really does pass all understanding.

Want to join me? Here’s what you need to know:

  • The group will start on September 12th, 2016 (September 12-October 7)
  • We will be using Katie Orr’s Everyday Peace (4 week study, 15 minutes per day). You can purchase the book HERE.
  • You will be a part of a Facebook group alongside a community of other women.
  • You will receive an email during each week of the study with reminders and discussion summaries.
  • There will be low-pressure discussions throughout each week of the study on our FB group that you will be encouraged to join in as you have time in your day.
Katie Orr_Everyday Peace_New Hope Publishers_Becky Bennett_To Choose Joy

Join me from September 12-October 7 for just 15 minutes each day to study Katie Orr's brand new Bible study, Everyday Peace.