How to Get a Few Free Prints!

I've got some fabulous friends with books coming out this fall, and I'm so excited about them! It's been a huge honor to get to design prints for these gifted authors, and I want to share a few quick ways that you can get your hands on their books and on the prints (some of them for free)!

Stacey Thacker's Fresh out of Amazing is available for pre-order right now. Stacey will draw you in with beautiful stories and Scripture to point you to hope and joy, even in the most difficult circumstances, and to strength and confidence, even in the most weary moments. You'll get this print from my shop for *FREE* when you order your copy of the Fresh out of Amazing:

Katie Orr's Everyday Peace Bible Study is also available for pre-order right now. Katie's FOCUSed method for Bible study is an incredible way to go deeper in God's Word and in relationship with Him in just fifteen minutes a day. Everyday Peace has taught me so much about how to fix my eyes on Jesus and to walk in the peace that He's so graciously offering.

--> You can pre-order the book here. <--

I'm leading a group online through the Bible study from September 12-October 7! 

--> Click here to join my group. <--

Katie Orr's pre-sale "freebies" mentioned ended July 30, but, if you sign up for my group, I'll send you a free printable copy of my "Whatever is True" print that goes along with the study during the week of September 12th.

You can also check out this link for a chance to win a *FREE* "Whatever is True" print from my shop right now!

--> Giveaway <-- more fun thing in the way of new releases...

Keep your eyes out for Game Plan, my new parenting series! It's almost here!

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