Hope and a Giveaway

Sometimes it’s a day. Sometimes it’s a long, hard season.

Maybe you need to know that it’s not your responsibility to keep the world turning—that you can’t do it, and that you’re not even supposed to. Maybe you’re pressing on with all of your might and things are going really well but you’re wondering if you’ll get to slow down. Maybe you’re striving and struggling to keep up with your own expectations or someone else’s. Maybe you’re limping under a heavy weight and it hurts.

We all need hope. Wherever we are. We need hope that keeps us going from one step to the next. Hope that lifts our heads and inspires us to keep our eyes on the prize of this life. The hope that comes from a loving God who pursues us and meets us in the very place of our weakness and says, “Therefore I am now going to allure her; I will lead her into the wilderness and speak tenderly to her,” (Hosea 2:14).

“Worship, as it turned out, was the key to the doorway of hope I needed to walk through. God returned my song because it was his, after all,” (Stacey Thacker, “Fresh Out of Amazing”).

God writes songs of hope onto our hearts and our lips in the wilderness so that we can respond from the inside-out.

“And she shall sing there,” (Hosea 2:15).

On that note, we want to give away some reminders of that beautiful hope! Our winner will receive:

  • Stacey Thacker’s book, “Fresh Out of Amazing.”
  • A hand-lettered 8x10 “And She Shall Sing” print by Becky Bennett of To Choose Joy, inspired by “Fresh Out of Amazing.”
  • A gorgeous, handcrafted “And She Shall Sing” pendant necklace by Aubree McCurdy of Love, Joy, & Pieces (lettering by Becky Bennett, inspired by Stacey’s book).

Here’s How to Enter:

Head over to Instagram and find the post on my feed @tochoosejoy that looks like this:

Fresh Out of Amazing_To Choose Joy_Giveaway

You'll find the rest of the details there!

In the meantime, could we encourage each other? In the comments below, would you share a verse that reminds you of the hope we have in Jesus, especially when you're wearing thin and needing a new song to sing? I can't wait to hear from you!