Bible Literacy for Kids: Learning the Books of the Bible

I want my kids to understand the threads that run between all of the books of the Bible. I want them to know God’s heart and to be able to search His Word on their own. This has been one of the things I’ve been doing with them lately to help them build Bible literacy:

  • We started with a verse from Genesis, and then each day, we have introduced a new verse from the next book of the Bible.

  • First, I sit with them and we review the verses we’ve gone through so far. On quicker days, we just review the books of the Bible we’ve gone through so far. Then, I help them to look up the new verse for the day in their own Bible.

  • We recite our way through the books of the Bible in order, out loud, as we turn the pages from one book to the next. My goal is that this will help them to visualize where the books are located and to memorize the books in order.

  • I have them highlight the verse when they find it, and then we read it out loud together.

  • We talk about what the verse means and read the context around it. This is their favorite part because they love getting to hear the big picture stories.

  • Then, I have them write out the verse (or a piece of the verse, for my littler ones).

  • It’s been amazing to see how much they can absorb, and so quickly!

If you’re looking for a specific list to use for something like this, the She Reads Truth Bible has a great one in the back of it with key verses from each of the 66 books of the Bible, and we’ve been using that as our outline this time around. I love this particular list because it’s a great tool for remembering the theme of each individual book of the Bible and for being able to see the big picture that runs through all of Scripture, book by book.

To Choose Joy Books of the Bible Scripture Memory

I made a printable set of Books of the Bible Cards that you can download for free and use as flashcards for more help memorizing. Here they are:

Do you have any particular things you’ve done to help your kids with Bible literacy? Would you share them in the comments so we can all learn from each other? I’m so looking forward to hearing what works for you!