Digging into Truth and Fighting Fear {Interview with Stacey Thacker}

God has been peeling back layers of fear throughout my life, helping me to trust Him and to cling to His Word. I had the pleasure of chatting with my sweet friend, Stacey Thacker, about it yesterday.

Stacey’s incredible gift of writing and teaching, her drive to draw women deeper in God’s Word, and her vulnerable heart have had a huge impact on me in my walk with Jesus.

Through her book Fresh Out of Amazing, God brought my trust in Him to a whole new level. The perspective and real-life connection Stacey brings in the book of Habakkuk made the phrase: “Even if…I still will” one of my anthems. Through struggles in my marriage, my health, parenting, and the health of my kids, God has been teaching me how to say, “Even if the worst thing I can imagine does happen, God, I still will praise You. I still will trust You. I still will follow You.”

Stacey’s Girlfriend’s Guide to the Bible series makes me hunger for God’s Word and gives such fresh and real-life wisdom for how to live it out, especially in the context of community.

I’m thrilled to get to share my conversation with Stacey right here. Grab a cup of coffee and come join us!

Becky Bennett of tochoosejoy.com is passionate about knowing the truth of God's Word. She is also a champion for getting the Word of God in the hands of other women so they can take captive every thought to Jesus Christ. In this Girlfriends' Guide to the Bible interview we dig deep in to Truth and how to fight fear.

You can find Stacey Thacker, her books, her ministry, and more at:

Website: staceythacker.com

Instagram: @staceythacker and @girlfriendsguidetothebible

A few things we mentioned in the interview:

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