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Trials test the will I still [_____] in us.

Trials test the “will I still believe God is good?” in us. Trials test the “will I still trust that God is who He says He is?” and the “will I still follow Him when I can’t see how I could possibly take the next step?” in us. Trials test the “even if the worst thing I can imagine happens, will I still choose to praise God?” in us.

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9 Steps to Easier Memorization

I’ve cherished Scripture memorization since I was a little girl, but the first time I read Corrie Ten Boom’s book, “The Hiding Place,” many years ago, something really hit me. In my life, it’s been an incredible gift to have always had access to a Bible. But what there comes a day when I lose that freedom, for one reason or another? What if I’m ever in a place where I can’t get my hands on a Bible?

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