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The Running Toward

I squeezed my eyes more tightly and tried to get rid of the man. I worked to conjure up an image of anything else. Surely I could imagine something more sophisticated, more dramatic maybe. Something grander. Something better. I was, after all, asking for a glimpse of the God who formed the Universe with just a thought. 

But I couldn't see anything else. He just stood there, his eyes set on me, that man with the balloons.

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Soul Freedom

God has had me in a real quiet season for the past few months--working in my heart to heal me and set me free from a life of anxiety and perfectionism and people-pleasing. And this podcast episode, with Francie Winslow and Heather MacFadyen has helped me to get on my knees and hear God speaking beautiful truth into roots of lies in my past. 

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Why you CAN ask God, "Why?"

One of the most quintessential things about children is their curiosity. It's the fact that they ask, "Why?" And they ask it again. And again. And again. 

They want to understand. They crave knowledge. They are hungry to learn.

If God wants us to have child-like faith, then it looks to me like He's willing to entertain our questions and our pleas for understanding...

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