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Time-Out Strategy that Works {and it's not just for toddlers}

I've had so many requests for more details on how to put Game Plan into action. My kids have agreed ahead of time to be vulnerable with some of their recent Game Plan moments. This way, you'll get to see how it works at different stages. I'm going to take you down my little line, from oldest to youngest. It's been amazing for me to get to see Game Plan work in very different ways for each of my very different children in their very different phases of life.

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I'm so not qualified for this.

I’m so not qualified for this.

To be offering a parenting series to you. To be launching Game Plan. But I’m believing in God’s wisdom and His greatness and His strength being magnified again and again in All. Of. My. Weakness.

So, just in case you think I’m kidding and I’m really somehow an expert (HA) on this parenting thing, let me invite you into a little bit of my reality...

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