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9 Steps to Easier Memorization

I’ve cherished Scripture memorization since I was a little girl, but the first time I read Corrie Ten Boom’s book, “The Hiding Place,” many years ago, something really hit me. In my life, it’s been an incredible gift to have always had access to a Bible. But what there comes a day when I lose that freedom, for one reason or another? What if I’m ever in a place where I can’t get my hands on a Bible?

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When God says, "Wait. Not yet."

I caught a glimpse of some vision from God. But then, I ran out ahead of Him. I began trusting in my own hands to get my work done. Pushing for my own timing. Reaching for a goal that was far beyond the season of life I’m in would allow. Comparing myself to the people around me. Expecting far more of myself than God was asking.

And God, in His grace and with His guiding love, reached right into my running. He brought my hustling feet to a halt and He said, “Wait. Not yet.”

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