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7 Tools for Choosing Joy Regardless of Your Circumstances

God doesn't change when my circumstances change. What refreshing truth. That I can cling to His Word when my life shifts, when my body fails, or when my heart breaks. Because God's character and His ways are constant. Could you use that truth? Today, I'm sharing 7 tools for choosing joy regardless of your circumstances.

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Time out!

Are you ready for a sneak peek? It's a strategy for dialogue, instead of lecture. It's a strategy for modeling clean-slate forgiveness (even when consequences are still necessary). It's a strategy for teaching our kids the biblical "why" for every behavior we expect of them and knowing the "why" for ourselves. It's a strategy for keeping our parenting centered around the Gospel.

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One Life: Choosing Joy {Ashleigh Marie}

One life at a time, we're choosing joy and surrendering to the pen of the always-faithful and always-loving God who is writing our stories. Your life is significant, because you are a part of a much greater story that is being told through you and in you and all around you.

Today, I'm thrilled to introduce you to the lovely Ashleigh. A young wife and mom fighting Multiple Sclerosis, she is an incredible example of faith and hope through trial

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