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Pain helped me learn how to let go.

Sometimes, we hide our pain. Try to pretend it’s as non-existent as it is invisible. But too often, when we have spent time hurting, it becomes scarier for us to tell the world if we’re having a day when we actually feel good. Because, what if we end up feeling the hurt all over again tomorrow? Will people understand? How will we explain? What will people think of us then?

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Revisiting the Diagnosis

I know that you're not unfamiliar with pain. Because it comes with the territory of the soil we walk on. None of us avoids suffering in this life. But God sees you, wherever you are, wherever you've been, and wherever you will go. He knows just what you need, and He is strong to save. Nothing you walk through is outside of His reach, and none of it is for nothing. He makes beautiful things out of the ashes in our broken lives.

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7 Tools for Choosing Joy Regardless of Your Circumstances

God doesn't change when my circumstances change. What refreshing truth. That I can cling to His Word when my life shifts, when my body fails, or when my heart breaks. Because God's character and His ways are constant. Could you use that truth? Today, I'm sharing 7 tools for choosing joy regardless of your circumstances.

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You can't do it alone.

...sometimes I wonder what might have happened if I had tried to keep my suffering to myself. If we had tried to do life independently and stayed away from people so not to be "a burden" to anyone. If I had tried not to ask for help when I needed it. If I hadn't stepped out (before I lost my footing to a merciless disease), and gotten involved with a community of people.

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If You Could Only Ask One Thing

One thing... 

What would it take? What would we have to let go of? What would we need to surrender? What would we have to quit doing? What would we need to stop asking?

{I'm having the first of a series of three more nerve blocks tomorrow. And I'm laying down fear to ask God for this one thing.}

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