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Pain helped me learn how to let go.

Sometimes, we hide our pain. Try to pretend it’s as non-existent as it is invisible. But too often, when we have spent time hurting, it becomes scarier for us to tell the world if we’re having a day when we actually feel good. Because, what if we end up feeling the hurt all over again tomorrow? Will people understand? How will we explain? What will people think of us then?

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If You Could Only Ask One Thing

One thing... 

What would it take? What would we have to let go of? What would we need to surrender? What would we have to quit doing? What would we need to stop asking?

{I'm having the first of a series of three more nerve blocks tomorrow. And I'm laying down fear to ask God for this one thing.}

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A Life Lived Beautifully

...I'm struggling with fear this time around. The risks of these procedures are high, and my heart is heavy with what-if's. But this is what I know: God holds all of the what-if's in His hands...

Several months ago, a friend pointed me to Gretchen Saffles, creator of Life Lived Beautifully. Since then, I have fallen so in love with her incredible ministry, her steady wisdom, her deeply rooted faith, and her genuine life. She helps me, daily, to trust God and to lean into Him for everything.

I'm deeply humbled to have the honor of sharing the story God has been weaving in my life on her blog today!

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