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Are you messing up God's plan?

...Sometimes, the things we hate the most are the very things we let take God’s rightful place in our lives. It takes a shocking amount of energy and focus to hate something. Especially when that something is yourself.

...Someone told me that God actually had a pretty big problem with the way I thought about myself. “You hate what God loves,” this person told me. And it hit me like a ton of bricks.

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It’s our differentness that leads to our fear of rejection (Part 1)

How often do we hide because we are ashamed of who we are or because of what is going on in our lives that doesn’t meet our idea of what the status quo should be? How often do we let lies push us down because we aren’t doing what someone else is doing, because we don’t have the gifts someone else has, because our life doesn’t look like someone else’s life?

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