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Hope and a Giveaway

Maybe you need to know that that it’s not your responsibility to keep the world turning—that you can’t do it, and that you’re not even supposed to. Maybe you’re pressing on with all of your might and things are going really well but you’re wondering if you’ll get to slow down. Maybe you’re striving and struggling to keep up with your own expectations or someone else’s. Maybe you’re limping under a heavy weight and it hurts...

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Joy in Deep Suffering: Meet Our Featured Reader

Walking through a life of constant physical pain is a journey like I never imagined I would be called to walk. I long for my home in heaven. I long for the new body that I will be clothed in there—a body without pain, without scars, without inability.


What Jesus did for us that very first Easer is the reason that new bodies can be hoped for. As we reflect on the Resurrection this week—I couldn’t think of a more fitting person to introduce you to than my beautiful friend, Alex.

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