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Time-Out Strategy that Works {and it's not just for toddlers}

I've had so many requests for more details on how to put Game Plan into action. My kids have agreed ahead of time to be vulnerable with some of their recent Game Plan moments. This way, you'll get to see how it works at different stages. I'm going to take you down my little line, from oldest to youngest. It's been amazing for me to get to see Game Plan work in very different ways for each of my very different children in their very different phases of life.

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I'm so not qualified for this.

I’m so not qualified for this.

To be offering a parenting series to you. To be launching Game Plan. But I’m believing in God’s wisdom and His greatness and His strength being magnified again and again in All. Of. My. Weakness.

So, just in case you think I’m kidding and I’m really somehow an expert (HA) on this parenting thing, let me invite you into a little bit of my reality...

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Time out!

Are you ready for a sneak peek? It's a strategy for dialogue, instead of lecture. It's a strategy for modeling clean-slate forgiveness (even when consequences are still necessary). It's a strategy for teaching our kids the biblical "why" for every behavior we expect of them and knowing the "why" for ourselves. It's a strategy for keeping our parenting centered around the Gospel.

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The Chase {Guest Blogger: Emily Gavenda}

"God is a persistent hunter, a wise hunter, a successful hunter. He isn't hunting me for sport. He is hunting me because He loves me, He chose me, and He wants to continue working in my heart," (Emily Gavenda).

My friends, I'm so filled with joy at the beautiful presence of God in every moment! I'm so thrilled at the way He moves and works! I'm so humbled by His faithfulness and mercy. I'm recovering from three seizures yesterday {crazy!!}, and I'll have an update for you soon. 

For now, I'm resting in the care of so many loving friends--the church truly being the Church--and I could use a good dose of humor! 

I'm not funny. Not even a little. I wish I could be funny. But humor just isn't my gift. 

It IS, however, for my dear friend, Emily of "Purple is her Color". She's an incredible writer with a beautiful soul and a passion for Jesus. And....she's hilarious!  

It's an honor to have her sharing her heart with us today at To Choose Joy! Grab a cup of coffee and join me with Emily Gavenda! Your sides will split and your souls will be filled!

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